Not wearing Red on #ValentinesDay …How about that!

Not wearing Red on #ValentinesDay …How about that!


February 14, almost the world over, has become synonymous with the celebration of ‘romantic love’ in honour of Saint Valentine, a Roman Priest, who was executed for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman empire, and daring – out of a benevolent heart – to wed soldiers forbidden to marry.

The best part of the ‘Love Story’, recounts how he had healed the daughter of his jailer and sent her a farewell letter before his execution, signed with the words, “Your Valentine’.

Centuries after St. Valentine’s ordeal, the celebration of love with significantly, with the ‘Colour Red’, has come to stay, becoming almost a fanfare that many young women look forward to with relish, spotting fab wears and accessories in shouting ‘RED’.

I found this article, from the stable of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) an entrepreneurial leadership college, very interesting, as it provides a new twist to the usual tales of what to do or how to bring the roof down on Valentine’s Day.

“My Valentine’s Day Don’ts” reads the caption. And guess what…for an audience of young promising leaders, it says the only way to make this Valentine’s Day different – ‘DON’T WEAR RED!’

And there are two more things that you must not do, to save you from the troubles that come from getting all wild, on Day Red.


“Valentine’s Day is almost here .The time to see who’s going out with who, who has been eyeing who and who is getting dumped. But there are certain things you should avoid doing this year. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day different. To do that,  avoid doing things listed below:

1. Please DON’T WEAR RED
There is a common saying that “love is blind”. Question is why is RED of all colours in the whole spectrum of light the colour of love? If love is blind, why do we force it to be symbolized by the colour red? Red is a BEAUTIFUL colour but it is just not for everyone. If you know your skin tone will be battling with the colour of your clothes, then I suggest you try something lighter. Like white. Some of you over do this red colour on Valentine’s Day- red skirt, red shirt and red socks (burn them! You should NEVER own a pair of them). If you want to this year’s Valentine’s Day to be memorable, try make your outfit memorable.

2. DON’T ASK SOMEBODY OUT AT 11:59 pm on the 13th
Do you know how desperate that is? Asking somebody to be your date at the 11th hour? It is so RUDE! It reflects badly on you. It makes you seem like 1) you have ZERO game 2) you are a poor planner (nobody wants to go out with such a person) 3) you are rude as hell. I don’t care if your eyes opened to love only at 11.56pm.I beg of you not stoop that low for a conversation at the dinner table and a kiss (if you are lucky enough…also not at ALA).

3. If you didn’t get them flowers, chocolates, cards or any “Valentine’s like gift” before, don’t bother doing it now. If you want to keep the bae, dare to be different. The art of buying gifts is one that can only be mastered with delicate practice and time. Once you get it right the first time, you will secure yourself a bae. Everybody can get anybody a typical Valentine’s gift, get your special someone something different. Get a t-shirt written ‘Forever Mine’ or a bracelet with both your names on it and a cute message engraved on it. Make the gift seem like you put enough thought before you bought it. Everybody likes that. Don’t make the gift seem like an afterthought.

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