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9 simple ways to feel alive

9 simple ways to feel alive


What do rock concerts, making love and exercise all have in common?

Rock concerts are just one of those things that make you feel alive. I’m usually left wondering why I don’t attend them more often. There’s something invigorating about feeling a crowd of people enchanted by live music, no matter the genre.

That’s what rock concerts have in common with having sex and getting exercise. They make us feel alive, and they make us wonder why we don’t do them more often.

Those three things aren’t the only simple and inexpensive ways to feel alive, either. You’ll find 10 of my favorite things you can do to feel a rush of life without spending a lot of time or money below. It’s the simple things in life, you know?

What would be on your list? Let me know in the comments!

Get close to nature

Hiking, camping and anything else that gets you out of the concrete jungle for a while is a fantastic way to clear your head and remember you’re part of a living planet. For bonus points, go backpacking and spend the night without any electricity or modern conveniences.

Start a workout routine

It doesn’t take long to start to feel the high from a regular workout routine. It doesn’t have to be anything specific (jogging, weights, spin or yoga are all good candidates), just work out regularly.

Get it on

Make love, have sex, do it, whatever you want to call it. What makes us feel more alive than the act that creates life itself?

Spend a day at the beach

The sun, the surf, the sand and the sound of waves crashing always stimulate my senses and get the blood flowing. Better yet, play some volleyball or frisbee, go for a jog or do some surfing while you’re there.

Get jiggy with it

OK, dancing may not be for everyone (I have friends who would rather take a poke in the eye from a hot stick), but if you’re inclined to dance it’s a great way to feel good.

Travel somewhere new and “dangerous”

It doesn’t really have to be dangerous, but traveling somewhere out of your comfort zone will definitely make you feel alive.

Attend a concert

Like I said in the opening, a mass of people and loud music have a way of inspiring you.

Go for a swim
There’s something about giving in to the sheer power of water that puts everything in perspective.

Play an organized sport
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, whatever the sport, doing something organized with a team is a life-affirming experience.