Guy Code: An insight into men’s relationship secrets

Guy Code: An insight into men’s relationship secrets


Women have drama, no doubt, but hey, guys are a little twisted too? it’s crazy because we guys love to hide behind that fine sewed suit, bling up watch, polished shoes and probably dark stunnaz; just to “man up” or “be the man” like the popular phrase goes. But beneath all that; it’s a whole different ball-game.

Yes, there are different “Kinds” of men but I think the ladies are right when they say “men are the same”. Now, hold-on. Before you crucify me, just listen to my reasons.  Aside from the fact that we all make the same ugly face when we want to “CUM”: we all have one thing that unites us “Drama”.

We deal with a whole range of drama(s) It could be hustle drama, boss drama, financial drama, temperamental drama, relationship drama and WOMEN drama: and trust me, the last two is really a handful  – it drives us to the clubs, joints, amongst others: all in the name of “Boys Night Out”.

Let me tell you a secret. The phrase “Boys Night Out” or “Ladies Night Out”? it’s nothing…just bullshit!. It’s simply the perfect excuse for us to relax and just breath –like taking a chill pill and ranting to our fellows of how incredible your drama is; and how our pressure pipe is about to explode. So, if your partner tells you he is going for a “Boys Night Out” tomorrow; my dear, turn to Jesus.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Hang outs are not entirely a bad thing, Although, ladies often wonder what the subject of discussion is most times; even though they have an idea, they are still not at ease. Well, that is a topic for a later date but for now, I just want to introduce you to “Guy Code”.

In the song “If I Were A Boy” by Beyoncé, she wished she could understand some things about men’s actions – well, this is her chance. Although,  R. Kelly did a good job in trying to explain the answers to her in the remix.

However, there are a lot of things we do as men that ladies will never understand and vice versa. A crazy example was when I had sex with my first girlfriend some years back. She was a virgin and I wanted to have my first blow job (BJ). In the heat of the moment, she got down in front of me and the next thing I know was I shouted my throat out. What she did was that with the adrenaline rush, my girlfriend unzipped my pant so fast that my penis was stuck in between the zip. That was one hell of pain and I had to untangle my “thing” from the zip. After that experience, I dreaded ladies and nursed my scar. I’m fine now and enjoy great BJs’ but I’ve never and will ever go near a virgin again.

Well there you have it; “Guy Code” it’s all about decoding and sharing the mystery of masculinity.  There are rules, laws and codes in everything for very good reason: well, maybe not so good reasons sometimes but hey, welcome on board as we go through this journey together.

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