10 foods to help you sleep better


With the advent of technology that is rising every day, Lagos traffic and our tight and hard schedule, getting a nice afternoon nap can be impossible no to talk of an eight hours sleep at night.

Fret not, Mumbai-based dietician Richa Anand has given us ten foods that will help us sleep better like a log of wood.

Ten foods to help you sleep better

1. Milk

Aside from being a good source of antacid for heartburn or ulcer, it helps calm all those tensed up nerves and make you sleep deeply.


Fruits naturally contain fiber and sugar, especially banana and apple. This will satiate you and prevent your sugar level from dropping through the night, making you sleep soundly.


It contains calcium which helps reduce stress, It also has calming nerve fiber that will allow a peaceful sleep.

4.Green Tea

Most warm drinks helps sleep beer, but i is best to stay away from tea or coffee as caffeine and tanin may disrupt the pattern. So, green tea is a safe option because it contains thaine which promotes good sleep.

5. Eggs

These are a great source of minerals such as magnesium and potassium that aids good sleep. It also contains amino acids that is sleep inducing itself.

NB, stick to one hard boiled egg per day.

6. Cracker and Peanut butter

Whole wheat is a good source of vitamin B for the body and crackers has a whole lot of it. Spreading a thin layer of peanut butter will give you satiated snack of vitamin B and Protein.

7. Dry fruit

Another good source of sugar and fiber, especially if you are diabetic. Nuts like almond and cashew are a great source of magnesium which promotes good sleep.

8. Frozen Yoghurt

It has a great deal of calcium for our bones and teeth, helps reduce stress. The protein in  it calms and soothes the stomach allowing you to sleep soundly.


Oats contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, and potassium, nutrients that promotes sleep at night and also satiate you for a longer time during the day thereby preventing you from taking junk.


whatever you eat or drink is not complete without water. it helps purify he system. At least, two cups of water every morning before breakfast and night before going to sleep.

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