The boy whose head won’t stop growing: Parents’ desperate plea for help

Kenny Awotorebo

The family of a three-year-old boy whose brain has swelled to twice its normal size have made a desperate appeal for life-saving surgery.
Cao Pengwei was diagnosed with hydrocephalus – where fluids build up in the brain’s chamber – when he was two.

Treatment to slow the swelling has not worked and he must now undergo an operation to drain the fluid from his brain.

His parents, who lost his twin brother when he was three-months-old, told the People’s Daily Online cannot afford the surgery after racking up debts of 200,000 yuan (N6.5M) on treatment so far.
But the youngster could die unless he has the procedure, which involves inserting a shunt or plastic tube into the brain ventricle or near to the spinal cord, to divert the flow of fluid.

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