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The Politics of “Black Beauty”

The Politics of “Black Beauty”


by Temidayo Ahanmisi

It gets near impossible to appreciate the physical beauty of a black woman when it is always held up as either a confirmation of the beauty of the Caucasian woman, or a denial of same.

“Black beauty” needs to be simply BEAUTY….or it is plain inadequacy.

The physical appeal of black males stand independent of the props and fetters that seem to define the looks of their female counterparts.

The Politics of “Black Beauty”

It is not often a shirtless black man is appraised such:

“Great abs…not like those ugly ass abs of those wanna-be-black white dudes, strutting around with their fake six-packs…”

Black women carry too many political baggage as it is.

From the crown of their wiry nappy curled locks or silky blonde hued weaves, right down to the last unvarnished little toenail or acrylic french-tipped toe.

All politic.

All imprisoned.

It wouldn’t be so tragic if it just stopped at the physicality of being a black female.

Even the mind has to be so burdened.

“The black woman is strong. The black woman is the womb of the universe. The black woman stands by her man. The black woman wants to have lots of ebony skinned children, and stay home to raise them. The black woman loves God and church. She prays for her man….unlike the feminism-promoting, man-hating, abortion-loving, power hungry, atheist white woman.”

These conglomerations of pure nonsense about female persons.

Where in the crevices of these suppositions can the Human being who just happens by simple incidence to be black and female be fitted…the black woman who simply doesn’t give a straightforward damn about these things we want the “authentic” black woman to be about?

Where, I ask, does the black woman fit in without the need to authenticate self with appendages made to endorse her right to being?