8 Best Alternatives To Shaving Cream For Men

8 Best Alternatives To Shaving Cream For Men

Fola Akintomide

It’s essential to be open to alternatives because I firmly believe that there will always be something better than the initial option presented to you. So, whether it’s because you have run out of shaving cream or you simply want to explore more, see the light when it comes to shaving in the form of these 8 great shaving cream alternatives that will give an equally smoother shave.

1) Baby Oil

If nicks and cuts are your primary shaving concern then you must immediately swap your shaving cream with baby oil. It acts as a shield and protects your face from irritation and also leaves your face sufficiently lubricated and smooth.

2) Body Lotion

Come to think of it, lotion has all the properties of shaving cream and that’s why it’s a great alternative. It’s smooth and hence easy to apply, has fragrance and moisturizes skin thoroughly. In fact, in many cases, it may work better than shaving creams.

3) Soap

Soap lasts longer than shaving cream. You might run of the cream, but there will always be a bar of soap available. Many people use soaps in that case only to find out it’s actually better. Glycerin soap makes for a great alternative. It can make even a cheap razor glide well.

4) Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner alters the texture and appearance of your scalp hair, softens them so to say; so, why can’t you use them on your facial hair. Try it once and see the results, my fellow male friends who’ve tried it don’t want to go back to shaving cream.

5) Shampoo

The biggest advantage of using shampoo as an alternative to shaving cream is that it will lather up your face thoroughly and will also get rid of the pollutants. Just dispense a little shampoo in your hands, apply on your face and shave away.

6) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil fosters a smooth and soft skin that is necessary for a better shave. It’s a great alternative because it leaves your skin thoroughly hydrated and makes it supple, but mainly because it’s cheap. As the oiliness leads to slipperiness, you need to be careful and patient when you shave.

7) Almond Paste

Get fresh almonds and make them into paste. Take the paste into a container and store in the refrigerator. Use it like your shaving cream as and when required. Almonds make your skin soft, shining and also help in healing the wounds developed while shaving.

8) Shea Butter

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer, and thus reduces the shearing force between the blades and the skin. This result in a smoother, closer and less painful shave. You also don’t need to apply lotions or cream after shaving because the butter nourishes the shaved area thoroughly.

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