She wants Sex during her “bloody” Period!

She wants Sex during her “bloody” Period!


Sex and Seduction with Pink Mafia – Vol 5

My best friend has been sleeping with my mother

Dear Pink Mafia

I am very angry, I just found out that my 22 year old best friend has been sleeping with my mother for over 6 months.

My mother is a good looking woman, I have heard this all of my life, so when he started hanging out more at my house, it didn’t raise any alarms as he is a childhood friend and he always hung around, but to find out he and my mother are having sex I just cannot believe it.

For the record my mother is a widow, my father died 5 years ago.

But this must be wrong, isn’t it? What should I do to stop it?


Dear TJ,

Dang, it’s never easy to find out that not only is your mother having sex with someone other than your father, but also with your best friend, but the questions are:

  1. Who are you angry at? Just your friend, or mother or both of them? The first thing I would advise you to do despite how uncomfortable this might make you feel is talk to them about this, let them know that you know they are sleeping together. I don’t mean attack them or be insulting, but it is important that they know and as such there is not overhanging anger or negativity.
  2. Why are you angry with them? When speaking to them, explain why you are angry with them, is it the secret kept, or the act itself. You have to be specific, generalizing will not help to resolve the problem
  3. Would you have preferred they asked you before they started? This is difficult because they are two consenting adults and what they decide to do is a matter of choice but out of respect they could have spoken to you about it and I agree that you deserve that respect
  4. What do you want them to do now? This unfortunately you can state but you might not necessarily get because if they really like each other or alternatively want to keep smashing because they like to do that to each other, your needs as an adult might fall down their list of priorities.

With all the above said what do you now have to do?

You have to be an adult. As I’m sure there are many things that you face on a daily basis that are not palatable to you, however being an adult means recognizing this and dealing with it. If you still don’t want to accept ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If they decide to keep seeing each other, can I accept to lose both my mother and my best friend?
  2. Could I possibly be getting in the way of the happiness of two people I care about because of how they met?
  3. If this were me (either as my mum or friend), what would I do?

She wants Sex during her “bloody” Period!

Hey PM,

I am dating a woman who wants to have sex during her period.

It isn’t that she doesn’t want to have sex any other time, it’s that her sex drive seems to be at its highest during that time of the month, and to be honest sex with her during her period doesn’t work it for me at all.

I mean, I am not keen on having my ‘everything’ coated in blood. When I have had sex with her during that time as she is heavy the bed ends up looking like I had decapitated someone

I really don’t like it.

Help me because I can’t even think about having sex with her even when she is not on her period. I am traumatized by it all.


Hello Osakwue,

I get it, not everybody is interested in riding the red sea when the surf is up, but guy, why have you not just told her, it might save you a lot on the navel gazing and beating yourself up.

The issue of libido rise varies for women during their menstrual cycle, for some it goes up, for others it does the opposite, but irrespective of this, if you don’t like it why do you do it?

There are ways to manage having sex during this period (pun intended) while it might take a bit more preparation, it might be worth exploring if you want to be with this woman.

Douching – I generally would not recommend douching because the process destabilizes the natural balance of the vagina, but if you want to have sex during this time, a douche wash while not getting rid of the blood during the period will definitely help with this.

Using a tampon- While this is not a 100% guarantee, as tampons are inserted into the woman it could collect more blood so when she removes it you would have some cessation of the flow

Using plastic sheets – Listen if you are going to have sex with a woman with heavy period, it will look like the St Valentine’s day massacre, there is no way around it, however laying down plastic sheets would protect your bed and your other sheets. Finally, an oldie but a goodie;

Foam inserts – In the bad old days before tampons, prostitutes who wanted to have sex during their period inserted foams up their vagina just before sex. This it is said allowed for the blood to be held at bay but allowed the man to have his fun. I would say though that for a heavy flow, it might only have limited help, also if you are long, I would not advise her to do this, because removing the foam might prove difficult.

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