10 tips on how to wake up and stay up

10 tips on how to wake up and stay up

Mfonobong Akpan

Are you one of those people who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? You say you aren’t a morning person. You dread your alarm clock going off, wishing you could just get some more sleep? Well, you are in luck! Below are 10 tips that  would help you wake up, bright- eyed and bushy- tailed.

Tip 1 Eat well the night before

I know this may seem difficult and unachievable considering the life style and time most people get home from work, but the fact remains that eating the wrong type of food and eating at the wrong time can upset your stomach and also disturb your sleep. It is best to avoid spicy foods, fatty meals, alcoholic beverages, coffee and chocolate/sugary snacks. Avoid late dinners especially when you have to go to bed soon after because your food would not get the chance to digest properly. It is best to have fruits instead.

Tip 2Have a reason for waking up

You need to figure out why it is important for you to wake up. What motivates you? Do you need to get to work, make breakfast for your family, take a run? Once you have figured out that irresistible reason to get out of bed, it will help you get out of bed. Accountability is a motivator, you wouldn’t want to let someone counting on you down.

Tip 3- Sleep well

The challenge of waking up early isn’t just mental, it also has a strong physical component. Try as much as possible to go to bed at reasonable time. Pare down your evening commitments. Listen to your body to figure out how much sleep it needs and let it have it. Build a regular sleep pattern, try to go to bed roughly at the same time even on weekends and your body will get used to it. When you get enough sleep, you are better coordinated the morning after.

Tip 4-Put your alarm across the room

If the alarm is close to you, the tendency to hit the snooze button and fall back asleep is high; I’m sure most of us are guilty, so it’s best to put it across the room so that when it goes off you would have to get up to put it off. You can also make it a habit of going straight to the bathroom to pee, you’re much less likely to go back to bed.

Tip 5- Build momentum

It is important to jump out of bed and get moving. This stimulates the brain and body and shrug off sleep. You can go for a run or do a few stretches in your room if that’s too strenuous, this will help your body loosen up. Do not get too comfortable.

Tip 6- Freshen up

Taking a shower is a great way to rinse off the sleepiness. You can alternate hot and cold water. This will help relax your muscles leaving you with a refreshing feeling.

Tip 7- Prepare yourself before going to bed

Take out some time before going to bed to put in order things you would need in the morning. You can decide what to have for breakfast, pick the outfit you want to wear, put your bag in order, wash your car, and do some house chores. Doing this would make you feel less apprehensive and its easier to roll out of bed.

Tip 8- Eat a healthy breakfast

Trust me, morning meetings are better when you aren’t hungry. It doesn’t have to be anything heavy or complicated, whole grain cereals, a slice of bread or two with a cup of tea/coffee can do the trick. It gives you a hit of energy and keeps you going all morning.

Tip 9- Have a drink

Drinking some water as soon as you wake up stimulates the body and keeps you awake. You can also take tea or coffee if you need something stronger.

Tip 10-  Get extra help

If you have someone around you that does not have a problem waking up early, you can ask him/her to wake you and make sure you stay awake. You could even ask a friend to call you (wake up call) and talk to you for a minute or two until you are wide awake.

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