5 gifts every man should give his woman

5 gifts every man should give his woman

Mfonobong Akpan

When it comes to choosing a gift for a lady, it seems like, more often than not, a lot of guys steer towards the flowers, candy, jewelry, and stuffed animal route. Men should know ladies don’t always want the overly cliché things. We   always want something extravagant and romantic. A good gift should show that you pay attention to who your lady truly is. So, here are 5 gifts you can never go wrong with.


Believe it or not, ladies are also into gadgets. An average woman owns at least one smart phone, a laptop, or an iPad . Imagine how trilled she would be when you show up with the latest smart device in the market. Trust me, this is one gift she would cherish in a very long time.


This may seem cliché , but diamonds are a girl’s best friend so you really can’t go wrong with picking one out for her. I understand they can be expensive but there are pieces of jewellery that are quite pocket friendly. And if she is the type that loves beads and costume trinkets, you can go for that too, there are quite a number of exquisitely made ones she would appreciate, it so happens they are in vogue too!


In case you don’t know, lingerie are visually appealing undergarments made mostly with silk, lace and sheer fabric, they make a woman feel and look sexy.  Getting her lingerie says you think she’s sexy and every woman wants to know that her man is thrilled by how she looks. Some working women also wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give them that boost of confidence to get on with their day. So guys, spice it up with some beautiful lingerie picked out specially by you . It could come in handy on that special date.


Looking for a gift that is personal, romantic and luxurious, then you can’t go wrong with perfume. Even though  she may have a signature scent, you could try buying her a different one, after all  you can’t have too many fragrances. Choosing a perfume can be a lot of work, but she’s sure going to appreciate the effort you put into getting one for her, especially one that’s very expensive. I’m sure you would love it, when she wears it just for you.

 A Romantic Getaway

 There she is stressed out from working all week, then you show up with a proposal to either take her to her favourite restaurant, on a cruise to some exotic island or to see a movie she really loves. How do you think she would feel? Special of course! A woman wants a man that is spontaneous and creative, one who can help take the edge off.  If you really can’t afford to go all out. You can cook for her and invite her over, set up a romantic table for two with some candles lit and a chilled bottle of Chardonnay.  I’m sure she would feel really special knowing you went all out for her. Who knows, you could get a pretty good reward for this. *wink
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