3 reasons you’re not in the relationship you deserve

3 reasons you’re not in the relationship you deserve

Mfonobong Akpan

This is a most read for every man and woman out there finding it difficult to keep a relationship. Most times you think it’s the other person, but it just might be you doing the wrong things. It starts with letting go of your past, painful or not, and inviting the present. Here are the top three things you’re doing that makes it impossible to find the relationship you deserve.

1.You have a vendetta against against all men/women: After experiencing a number of breakups you might develop the mentality that all men an women are bad or the same. With this you hardly invest, trust or develop an intimate relationship with anyone again.

2. Making the relationship work all by yourself: No relationship can survive by one-sided effort, both individuals have to agree to put in equal effort in making a relationship work.

3. You put your Ex on a pedestal: No need to compare your partner with your Ex, its really not attractive.

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