7 tips to make the most of your day

7 tips to make the most of your day

Mfonobong Akpan

Sometimes, just when you thought you couldn’t add anything else to your schedule, something else gets rammed into your life. Wow! It’s time to take a breather! Do you ever wish that you could find some way to make the most of your day without feeling drained at the end of it? Well, you can! Here are some suggestions to make the most of your day. It may sound crazy, but just by saving a few minutes here and there throughout the day may add up and give you just enough time to relax and get the stress out of your head.

No time to ramble

We all have them — those friends that just want to call you up and chat about their day or pour out their life’s problems on you. Or that co-worker who won’t stop asking you what to do about her 13-year-old daughter dilemmas. Or even the cashier who is going on and on about the lovely weather! There’s nothing wrong with small talk, but only in its place! People who ramble on and on can cut up to 30 minutes each out of your day. Be polite and kind, but cut those ramblers off and move on with your day!

That snooze button

Do you tend to hit the snooze button? More than once? I know I sure do! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing to or simply wanting to, but the truth is, that snooze button can cut precious minutes off your morning. One great tip to make the most of your day involves tricking that pesky button. Decide what time you need to be up by in order to get ready and get to work on time, then set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier than that time. That way, you don’t oversleep and you still get to “snooze”!

Ignore that E-mail alert

Yes, when you are at work, you need to check your messages often so you don’t miss an important memo or revision. But do you realize that checking every single time you get a new message cuts a bunch of time out of your day and slows down productivity? Here’s what you can do about that to make the most of your day! Set certain time frames during the day to check your messages and then only check them during those times. If you don’t want to take a chance missing something from your boss, adjust your email alerts to let you know who the message is from when your little notification pops up.

Tweak your TV time

I don’t think many people realize just how much time they waste each day watching TV. It’s easy to do when you tell yourself, “Oh, just one more episode.” But then it turns into two. Or three! Here’s a suggestion for you. Try not turning on your TV for one week. I know, it sounds crazy! But only watch DVD’s, and only one per day. You may not realize how much of your time is being sucked away by the tube, but I guarantee you will after this little experiment.

Give yourself deadlines

Don’t wait till the last minute to get something done! Procrastination usually results in you spending all day focused on one thing. Instead, work on your projects a little each day. And don’t try and stay late at the office finishing up. Give yourself a deadline to leave work and then meet that deadline. Staying late can result in you feeling overwhelmed and rushing home only to stress more about what you didn’t get done rather than feeling accomplished for what you did finish with your day.

Wasted hours during the day

One of my best tips to make the most of your day is to utilize the wasted hours you have. Wasted hours? Yes! The time spent in your vehicle, commuting back and forth to work or on errands, time spent on the treadmill at the gym, and time on your lunch break at work. You can squeeze every last drop out of these minutes as well! Combine your trips to the gym with a friend or a sweetheart in order to catch up on your social life. Use your time commuting in the car to make phone calls you’ve been needing to make or set up appointments. Use your lunch break to run errands or reply pings and other messages.

Small tasks

Remember the two-minute rule: If something can be done in two minutes, do it right away so it’s out of your way and off your mind. For example, taking out your garbage, reminding your co-workers about the noon meeting, signing your child’s papers from school, calling to confirm your appointments, working on that project report and so on. By getting these small tasks out of the way early in the day while they are fresh on your brain, you will eliminate mid-day drag that comes with doing these tiny mundane tasks!

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