5 Gifts Every Woman Should Get Her Man

5 Gifts Every Woman Should Get Her Man

Mfonobong Akpan

Ladies, really! Enough with shirts, trousers, boxers and perfume as gifts for your man. Men are not so different from us when it comes to receiving gifts.

Choosing the right gift might be really tricky, but the fact remains that you need to put much thought into what you pick out ,it has to be something he would appreciate and love. One thing is basic though, you need to pay close attention to what your man loves, then think outside the box. Here are 5 gift suggestions that would make your man love you even more.

A  stylish wallet

A really nice designer wallet with soft leather would make a perfect gift. Every time he touches and uses it, he remembers how thoughtful you are. I should add that this gift would last him a long time. You could send the wallet with your picture in it for a romantic touch to it , this would make him feel you are close to him.


Guys love gadgets and they secretly desire for them always. If you can afford to splash out, the latest mobile phone, tablet, i phone,lap top or MP3 player will go down a treat.

A wristwatch

A good wristwatch tells a lot about a man’s personality, so ladies make it prime on your list as a gift for your man. To put a smile on his face, I advice you go for a really nice, original piece  because a wristwatch goes where ever a man goes , so everywhere he goes he carries a piece of you with him.

A romantic dinner/trip

Men love surprises too you know, so you  could convince him to cancel his plans and escort you to an event over the weekend, then surprise him with a  romantic dinner in a nice restaurant (it could be his favourite one) or probably a trip to a nature reserve, waterfall or somewhere he’s been wishing to visit. Trust me, he would go over the top with joy, appreciation and love. Of course, you are paying! We don’t put a price on love.*wink

Sporting memorabilia

Guys love sport and games, at least most of them do, so a sports memorabilia of his favourite team is another cool gift idea. His favourite team’s jersey with his best player’s number on it or an autograph of his favourite player ( not impossible), will definitely make him go over the moon. If he loves gaming, get him a ps3 and be his game partner; at least he’ll be doing something he loves with you, plus what better gift could you offer than you…..

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