Guys! 8 dumb mistakes that can get her pregnant

Guys! 8 dumb mistakes that can get her pregnant

Mfonobong Akpan

Before you point your finger at her for making you a ‘baby daddy’, read this. Contraceptives are quite easy to use but there are some mistakes you guys make in the heat of the moment that could put you both where you don’t want to be. So guys, here are 8 mistakes you should avoid making:

1. You don’t need condoms—you’re a “pull-out pro.”

You might think you have impeccable timing, but even if you do pull out in time, it’s still possible to get her pregnant. How? Your pre-cum can pick up enough sperm left in your pipes from your last ejaculation to fertilize an egg. Whoa. Now, urinating between ejaculations might help, but as they say, it’s always safer to wrap it before you tap it.

2. You’ve had the same condom hanging out in your wallet forever.

Using a condom that hasn’t been properly stored might get you into a situation worse than the sexual slump you just endured. Extreme heat or cold can damage the latex used in condoms, so the best spot for stashing them is a cool, dark, dry place—like in your nightstand—or a small, hard case (think: one made for business cards).

3. You  think having sex standing up prevents pregnancy.

If you are one of those men that think this to be true, here’s news for you,“The law of gravity is not a contraceptive,”

 4. You blindly grab some lube.

Always check what your lube is made out of—otherwise, that condom might not do jack. “Oil-based or petroleum-based lubricants like mineral oil or massage lotion can destroy condoms, making them more likely to break.

5.  You tear the condom package with your teeth.

Using items like knives or scissors—even your teeth—to open a wrapper will make it very easy to mistakenly poke a hole in the condom. Think about it—do you really want sharp objects coming anywhere near the super-thin barrier that stands between you and fatherhood?

6. You put the condom on, but don’t leave any space in the tip.

If you covered up a faucet with your hand and turned it on full blast, where would the water go? See! It’s not rocket science. So leave approximately half an inch at the top of the condom to avoid risking breakage.

7. You don’t use a condom because she’s on the Pill. 

If you’re in a relationship, you could trust that she’s true to her word, but for a random relationship? It’s not worth the risk. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, birth control pills are between 91-99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy—but the Pill plus a condom gives you close-to-perfect protection.

8. You were wasted and couldn’t find a condom…so you didn’t use one.

 Sure, it’s an understandably awkward situation if you’re about to “get it in” and can’t figure out where you put the condom. But is it more awkward than becoming a daddy if you’re not ready for a kid? Get off your ass and search a little harder, or better still, don’t do it at all.


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