Introducing the shewee; The female penis

Introducing the shewee; The female penis

Ezinne Osuagwu

So I was just minding my business, and I stumbled on this picture on instagram, I have heard of it before, but I didn’t give it so much thought, until I saw it again today. After rounds of discussion with my friends, I decided that I’d put it up for public consumption and debate.

Basically, what you see above is called a “shewee”, it’s an invention created for women to urinate especially in the absence of a proper convenience, just like the men. It’s fast gaining popularity, it’s hygenic enough if you’re a neat person, and I can totally relate to it.

For people who travel by road and sometimes have to stop by the road side to pee, no more pants down, there’s a shewee for that now! Lol the question is, would you buy?

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