Shocking!!!  smoking weed makes the vagina dry permanently –  report

Shocking!!! smoking weed makes the vagina dry permanently – report

Yvonne Williams

A report from Elite Daily as quoted by popular gossips website mediatakeout reveals that Smoking weed may actually dry out your vagina.

The report reads:

Scientists first noticed the link between marijuana usage and poor vaginal lubrication after surveying 8,650 Austrailian people in 2009.

While it’s discussed openly online, there aren’t many studies on the phenomenon — most likely because weed is still categorized as a Schedule I drug.

Dr. Julie Holland, author of “Moody bitches: The Truth About The Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy,” is one of the few to spend a significant amount of time researching marijuana’s effects on se3xual health.

She recently sat down with VICE to discuss exactly why “cotton vagina,” as Urban Dictionary calls it, happens and, more importantly, how to avoid it.

Holland explains vaginal dryness is a side effect, “exactly like dry mouth… It’s the drying of the mucus membranes.”

She continues,

If you have had a strain that is giving you dry mouth, it will also make you more dry [down there].

She hypothesizes strains higher in THC will have more of a drying effect than strains higher in CBD. But she adds that external forces (such as birth control, which notoriously dries out the v*gina) can exacerbate the problem.

Well there you have it ladies, one more proof to help you on your quest to quitting that unflattering addiction!

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