Einstein considered a bigger hero than Jesus, says study

Einstein considered a bigger hero than Jesus, says study

Kenny Awotorebo

Research conducted among almost 7,000 university students worldwide sees science take top spot. Among villains, however, George W. Bush came above Stalin and Mao.

Science, indeed, wants to prove that there’s no God. I can therefore offer encouragement in the idea that the world’s students revere Albert Einstein more than Jesus Christ (or Paul Revere).

This on the basis of a study performed by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country. These scientists asked 6,902 students from all over the world about their heroes.

It seems that the biggest hero in the world is Einstein. As Phys.org reports, he’s bigger than Mother Teresa. He’s bigger than Martin Luther King Jr. He’s bigger than Jesus Christ (he came in sixth).

Isaac Newton also came in above Jesus. He was fifth. That must make up a little for having a failed Apple product named after him. Thomas Edison came in eighth. Yes, above Abraham Lincoln and Buddha.

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