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Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day!

Mfonobong Akpan

“Children are the future.” “Children are the leaders of tomorrow.” For as long as most of us can remember, phrases like these have been thrown around. Yet, as the years go by, the lot of the Nigerian child does not seem to be improving; if anything, their future appears increasingly bleaker.

In August 1925, some 54 representatives from different countries gathered together in Geneva, Switzerland to convene the first “World Conference for the Well being of Children”, during which the “Geneva Declaration Protecting Children” was passed. The proclamation made a strong appeal for the spiritual needs of children, relief for children in poverty, prevention of child labor, reassessing the way that children are educated and other issues related to the welfare of children around the world.

After the conference, various governments around the world designated a day, different in each country, as Children’s Day, to encourage and bring joy to children as well as to draw the attention of society to children’s issues.

Happy Children’s Day!

In Nigeria, children’s day is celebrated on May 27th, and on this day every year, Children’s Day is celebrated, and a public holiday (for primary and secondary school children) is declared to mark the day.

Children’s day is celebrated with much enthusiasm every year in Nigeria. There is the usual parade at the stadium, also parents, guardians, schools and various organisations entertain children with fun events.

Children’s Day is meant to be a day dedicated to raising awareness on children’s rights and well being globally, and this is what Nigeria ought to focus on.

Happenings.com.ng is wishing all Nigerian children- Happy Children’s Day!