Movie Review: Get Hard Movie Fails to Hit Hard!

Movie Review: Get Hard Movie Fails to Hit Hard!

Yvonne Williams

If you fall into that category of really picky movie watchers who tend to dissect every single detail about movies, then ‘Get Hard’ movie is not for you; truth is the movie doesn’t really have much working for it – empty plot laced with costly jokes about rape, race and homosexuality which drags till infinity for the sensitive, however the constant humor enraptures the lighthearted throughout the comedy fleek.

You know how stars just can’t be hidden even if placed in the darkest depths; they just keep shining and shining, now that undeniable fact Will Ferrel and Kevin Heart proved in ‘Get Hard.’

The chemistry between the comedy icons is what uplifts the movie to its enjoyable status. Starring alongside the stars are: Will Ferrell (James King), Kevin Hart (Damell Lewis), Alison Brie (Fiancée de King), Craig T. Nelson (Martin Barrow), Edwina Findley (Rita Hidson) and T.I. as Russell.


Will Ferrell plays James King, a wealthy hedge fund manager who has the “dream life”; stupendously wealthy guy engaged to an even richer sexy lady, Fiancée de King the boss’ daughter.

Along the line James gets arrested and sentenced to ten years in San Quentin for defrauding investors, then he turns to his subordinate Hart’s Darnell and offers to pay him to teach him how to survive in prison (he assumes he must have served jail term simply because his black).

Darnell, a hard-working family oriented dude seizes the golden opportunity as he’s desperate to move his family from the dangerous neighbourhood to an even better place. Meanwhile he’s never been to jail before but just tuned into James’ assumption and the quest begins for survival.

The movie portrays different groups of individuals: Gay, straight, black or white so it tends to offend pretty much even with its meaningless plot.

What’s our take? ‘Get Hard’ passes the humor test but it fails to hit hard in the “intellectual department!”

The film was written by Etan Cohen, Ian Roberts and Joy Marteel. It was directed by Eten Cohen.

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