7 ways to get the pay raise you deserve

7 ways to get the pay raise you deserve

Mfonobong Akpan

In this economy, count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you have a job. But what if you’ve had this job for some time and you feel you’re overdue for a raise?

How do you convince your boss you deserve more money?

First, put yourself in your boss’ shoes. Would you give yourself a raise? Do you really deserve one?

Below are 7 ways to help you get the raise you deserve.

1. Be honest

Do you really deserve a pay raise? Did you contribute to the company’s profit in a substantial way since your last raise or since you were hired?  Have you contributed to the company in such an amount, that it should give something back to you? If the answer is YES, then take the next step, else you should wait until you’ve really earned it.

2. Be prepared

You need professional reasons in order to convince your boss that you deserve that raise. In stating your argument, be sure to mention those things, that you have done or will do, that benefit your boss or your company? Don’t start whining about your family, children and such. Your boss doesn’t care. All he cares about is himself and the company. What benefits can you bring to them? If you can’t find anything, then you sure aren’t ready for a raise.

3. Strategise

Don’t just wake up and rush into your boss’ office the next morning screaming and yelling for more money. You have to prepare the field before the battle. Make yourself noticeable, help out your colleagues, take on some extra work, go to some seminars. In short: make yourself look better.

4. Research

Do your research to see what others are being paid for this work so that you can name the amount you want and back it  with facts.

5.  Pick the right time

Make an appointment in advance. Try to make the appointment when your boss is least busy because there are moments and periods, when you shouldn’t even think about asking for a pay raise (the company is downsizing or loosing money). Wait for the right moment.

6. Practice

You need to go over what you want to say and how you want to say it. You can practice with a friend, family member, or in front of the mirror, including several scenarios of what your manager may say or ask at the meeting.

7. Be presentable

Come to the meeting dressed like you care, be aware of your body language, and present your request and the facts that back it up. Keep it brief and to the point.

Most of us think that getting a raise is about asking at the right time or framing the question in a certain way.  However, the truth is that most raises are won long before we ever bring up the question.

Have you ever asked your boss for a raise? How did you do it? Please share.

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