7 Ways Being Healthy Can Improve Your Sex Life

7 Ways Being Healthy Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Not only does regular exercise keep your mind and body fit and healthy, it also has it’s significant impact on your sex life. It doesn’t though automatically follow that if you are physically fit you will have an amazing sex life, there are many other factors in play to make it a guarantee. But it’s a good cycle to get into because sex is great exercise, so if you’re already fit, sex is just going to be more fun and more rewarding to your health and well-being overall. Here are seven ways staying fit can improve your sex life.

Eat right

Diseases stemming from poor eating habits and lifestyle choices are associated with all aspects of sexual dysfunction. One such disease, diabetes, is negatively associated with sexual drive, ejaculatory function, sexual problems, and sexual satisfaction. Bad lifestyle choices can damage the blood vessels and nerves leading to sexual organs, and can restrict blood flow and negatively alter hormones.

Visual Appeal

It’s fairly safe to say that while appearance is not the only factor when it comes to attraction, it certainly plays a large role, especially with first impressions. Who you find attractive is always going to be a personal preference. However, across all gender and racial/ethnic groups, individuals are more likely to rate those with higher body-mass indices (BMI) as unattractive. Regular physical exercise decreases BMI and increases serum testosterone levels.

More Energy

Proper glucose metabolism is essential for optimal energy levels. Without a well-functioning glucose metabolism, your insulin and blood glucose levels remain erratic. Insulin levels spike higher than they should after a meal, and that results in low blood sugar. This low blood sugar makes you feel foggy-headed, tired, and lethargic, and definitely isn’t good for your sexual drive.

More Confidence

Physical fitness enhances attractiveness and makes people feel more sexually desirable. Much of sex is a confidence game. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to have a sexual experience. Being healthy improves your physical appearance by lowering body fat levels, increasing muscle tone, and by improving your skin complexion, among other things. Exercise also improves your hormonal profile, which can lead to higher self-esteem.

Better Flexibility

There is a strong correlation between body mass index and flexibility. Being physically active can reduce you BMI and improve your flexibility. You can increase your flexibility simply by working out. Better flexibility in bed means you’re able to experiment with more sex positions.

Improved Endurance

Being healthy helps to improve your sexual stamina. Good sex is often tiring and can be physically draining. But you will be able to last a little longer if you are physically fit. If you are physically fit, then you are less likely to have excess weight on you, which will also help improve your sexual endurance.

Helps you relax
Exercise, proper diet and being physically fit are commonly said to help lower stress levels and help you relax. There are just as many studies supporting the notion as there are opposing it. Nevertheless, if it is true, then being physically fit will help your sex life because stress and anxiety are libido killers, and an inability to relax is an orgasm killer (at least for women anyway).

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