5 Signs you’re in a relationship rut

5 Signs you’re in a relationship rut

Mfonobong Akpan

Had that feeling that your relationships are a vicious circle where the same thing happens again and again but we don’t know how to change it? Sometimes you aren’t able to find a relationship and rid yourself of being single or having to deal with with failed dates. You may have to look within because you might just be the one with the problem. Here are 5 signs you’re sabotaging your love life.

1. You keep dating the same type – and it never works out

Every woman has in her head ‘their type’ of man, but if all of your past relationships fall into the same bad pattern, it’s time to make a change. So, even if you only go for men with the same behavioural pattern and it hasn’t worked out, I bet you’ll agree it’s time to take a chance on someone who’s not your type. You might discover that your “type” is a completely different person than you think.

2. You’re stuck in the past

How would you like to date someone who on the first date goes on and on about their ex, and how it was the worst decision she ever made? Yeah, I didn’t think you would. Exactly my Point! No when wants to get involved with someone who’s got a lot of baggage. Plus,they don’t want to be the next dating disaster horror story you add to your list.

3. You don’t go out enough

“I don’t like going out much” -Hello! The right man isn’t going to randomly show up on your doorstep and whisk you into ‘happy ever after’ so, if your social calendar is as empty as a new refrigerator, go out even if it’s just for a stroll. That’s the only way you can meet new people outside your circle. Change the energy around you.

4. Stop saying yes to everyone

Especially for the ladies, I know you have to put yourself out there, but it doesn’t mean not having standards, or acting all desperate. You may think –  “this guy just said I’m cute, and he’s a banker or some top shot somewhere, and he’s really great except I’m totally not attracted to him, but I’ll go out with him anyway and maybe I could be attracted to him.” The thing is: It’s a bad move, if you can’t be attracted to him then you can’t be attracted to him. Capische!

5. Be ‘that girl’

You should be that lady everyone can’t help but notice. What is it about you that attracts so much attention? What energy do you radiate? How do you carry herself? What are you wearing? What type of facial expression do you present? – definitely not one that would scare everyone away.  You need to know what you deserve and be confident enough to go out and get it. No one is attracted to a clueless individual.


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