Review: “Make Me Fabulous” Episode 4 – Saving Marriages

Review: “Make Me Fabulous” Episode 4 – Saving Marriages

Mfonobong Akpan

The “Make Me Fabulous” show which has been going on for a couple of weeks now, has been filled with excitement and skepticism because each episode comes with a unique feature.

This episode is unique because of Immaculate’s touching story, she is recently married and has had a baby, the problem is, her husband isn’t around much. I’m sure this story sounds familiar to the typical 9 to 5 Lagos worker who doesn’t get to spend quality time with their spouse. So like the quick thinking woman who knows how important rekindling the romance in her marriage is, she knows just where to go – Make me Fabulous!

Immaculate’s excitement can be felt right from when the crew arrives at her door – though I think the element of original surprise is lost in her obviously feigned excitement, packed bags, ready to go. The excitement should be raw and original – that’s the point right?

The couple enjoy a luxurious ride from their home to  ‘Neverland’ -The Intercontinental Hotel. They both are visibly excited – Immaculate can’t stop with the oooohs! and aaaahs!, she’s an interesting watch.

The couple enjoys stardom in one day – the spa, facials, hair, make up,  shopping and a romantic dinner.

Dinner for this show is the peak, because that’s what everything builds up to. For this couple, dinner is at the roof top restaurant of the Intercontinental Hotel. The ambiance is beautiful, with fire works – makes it look like it’s from the movies. Immaculate, styled by celebrity stylist, Yumi, looks ravishing as she walks towards her husband, who looks blown away by her. They are treated to a sumptuous intercontinental dish.

As they enjoy each others company, Stephanie once more surprises the couple with her presence – Immaculate is over the top with excitement as she runs towards Stephanie, jumping on her like an excited child that has just been handed candy. Immaculate is the life of this episode.

The couple is elated -their lack of words says it all – at the gifts Stephanie presents to them. Immaculate gets a chic purse – wish it was mine.

The couple exchange sweet loving words and promise to have each others back. The husband promises to work around his busy schedule so he can spend some more quality time with his wife. For me, this fulfills the very essence of the show – Bringing the spice back to marriages.

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