Birthday Shout! Mike Tyson, Tony Rock, Fantasia Barrino

Yvonne Williams

We celebrate these outstanding personalties this day June 30

Mike Tyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson  became the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in August, 1987. He infamously bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match in 1997.

Before he gained popularity, the famous celebrity’s mum passed on when he was just 16, leaving him in the care of his legal guardian and boxing manager, Cus D’Amato.

In 1992 he was convicted of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington, who was Miss Black Rhode Island at the time.

The star was married to Robin Givens from 1988 to 1989 and Monica Turner from 1997 to 2003 before marrying Lakiha Spicer in June 2009. He has a total of eight children.
He retired as an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Mike Tyson was born June 30, 1966 in New York.

Mike Tyson

Tony Rock

This famous American comedian and actor  is the younger brother of big time star Chris Rock.

He was a correspondent for BattleBots on Comedy Central for the show’s fifth season.

Before hitting the limelight, he performed as a stand up comedian in his early 20s until earning his first short-lived entertainment job as a game show host, on the show Can You Tell? for Oprah Winfrey’s Oh! Oxygen network.

He is known to television audiences for his role as Dirk Black on All of Us.

Tony Rock was born June 30, 1974 in New York.

Tony Rock

Fantasia Barrino

This top R&B singer won the 2004 season of the TV talent competition American Idol. Her single “I Believe” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Before fame, she attended the auditions for American Idol in Atlanta.

She was the youngest Idol winner until Jordin Sparks won in 2007 at age seventeen.

Fantasia was born June 30, 1984 in North Carolina.

Fantasia Barrino

Michael Phelps

He won eight gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and became the most decorated Olympic athlete after winning his 22nd medal in 2012.

He became the youngest male to make the U.S. swim team in 68 years, and revealed that he ate 12,000 calories each day during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

He destroyed the Olympic records held by Mark Spitz and finished his Olympic career with an amazing eighteen Gold medals.

Michael Phelps was born June 30, 1985 in Maryland.

Michael Phelps
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