#Opinion: Oga, Madam who send you?

#Opinion: Oga, Madam who send you?

Mfonobong Akpan

You no get money and you wan marry, ok; so you manage to marry, but you still no get money. You no even say make you find better work do first, balance for ground, you decide say pikin must follow – your wife born the first one, everybody happy, second one – we thank Baba God. You still just dey manage oh.

Two nor do you oh… as e dey sweet you u come line pikin wey when person see them, you nor go know which one senior who.

You go come see as the man go dey vex unnecessary vex wey nor make sense. The wife sef go come follow dey vex her own, transfer am to the poor, innocent children. Na dem send you to bring them come dis world?

Some of these parents go send these children go dey sell things for traffic and some go dey beg. Some go even begin share the children like say dem be wedding souvenir. You expose them to all sorts of danger and paedophiles. Some of these children sef nor dey go school, dem go just continue life come jam the same kind bad luck their parents give them. Children wen you suppose feed na him go come dey bring money for im papa and mama to chop. Na wa.

You go dey wonder now say wetin be my own – well my own be say, why you go carry your galala come spoil my Jazz?

I no for write, if you nor dey beg. But as your pikin dem line road dey beg for money, e good like dat? Why u dey born full house wen money no dey pocket? Your pikin dey beg…na dia work be dat? Are they responsible for your upkeep? See as I don blow grammar inside dis matter. Na your fault!

You give me money to keep for you?!

If you choose to born plenty pikin full everywhere, wetin come be my own now? I follow una for bed when una dey do am?

Madam na your eyes you go open, no be legs, because na you dey suffer am pass. God no dey run charity organisation wey you go say – “na God give me, he go provide food wen dem go chop”.

No carry your wahala come another person dormot.

Dat is why I dey ask again – Oga, Madam who send you?

But…e be like say I dey talk to myself because the real culprits for dis matter nor get money to chop, how much more to buy data.

Na wa.

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