#FolaAsks: What are your aspiration for the rest of the year?

#FolaAsks: What are your aspiration for the rest of the year?

Fola Akintomide

I had a professional exam yesterday and I realised, that with a new month just a day away, the year is gradually coming to an end, and I had absolutely no plans as to how to enjoy the rest of the year, I then decided to ask a few of my course mates the same questions and see how realistic their answers were and probably steal some ideas. You won’t believe their plans. Here are a few answers I got.

Nwosu Emeka, Market place process improvement officer with Konga

My aspiration for the rest of the year is to gain admission for my MBA, focus on my career and try to expand my horizon into other industries apart from the E-commerce industry.  Basically live a life full of learning and knowledge which I can use to better other peoples life. A life where I hope to find a loving companion and give my parents the respect and comfort that they deserve. I want to achieve most of my dreams while simultaneously earn the respect of the people around me.

Meet Oseni Bayonle, Client Service Manager at Nielsen

My aspiration for the year is to achieve a senior managerial position in a large multinational corporation that markets, or preferably manufactures, commodities. Therefore, I intend to develop within the scope of one firm. I believe that on my way to achieve my goal I will express my talents and interests and contribute to society’s prosperity.

Segun Bello, Business Development Officer at International Enegry Insurance PLC.

My aspiration for the year is to invest in Agriculture! I know this might sound weird to some people due to the fact that they have it in their mind set that the profession is meant for illiterate. Nigeria is a great country and one of our strength to the rest of the world is the Agriculture industry, and I want to be part of the success story.

Pamilerin Alalade, Client Officer at Airtel Nigeria

I don’t want much and I don’t think I would be asking God for too much. My aspiration for the rest of the year is to be promoted at work to, to the position of Territorial Sales Manager, expand my business, have a happy home and get a landed property.

Anyaeche Michael, Sales Development Manager at Cadbury Nigeria

Though i have never had an aspiration to be very rich, I hope to make enough money this year that will prompt a move for me to start my own venture without feeling any financial pressures so that i can simply concentrate on my work. Money is definitely important for me but not to the extent of lusting after it. However, for the remaining days of the year I would like to reach a comfortable stage financially where I am able to help any person or institution that is in need of it.

Olamide Bello, Account Officer at GTBank

Well right now, truthfully, my aspirations really are just about getting through each day, one day at a time. It has been a very difficult so far this year with challenges at work and in my personal life. Survive each day with food on the table and clothing on my back and a roof over my head.  Basically just get through each day, by grace.

Uti Oghenevwogaga, Client Manager at KPMG

I am an Edo man and we are next in line to the Igbo’s when it comes to ‘Love of Money’, so you can deduce that my aspirations for the rest of the year is to make money the clean way. In December, I should be able to look back and say it was a successful year for me.

Charllote Onimiya, ‎HR,Marketing & Corporate Communication Manager at Filmhouse Limited

I am very organised and hardworking person. I work when it’s time to work and chill when its time to.

I am excited it’s that time of the month for me to relax and take time off work. My vacation is coming up in August and I have quite a number of things to do – Sky Diving, Bungee jumping, attend a circus soleil and then go on an European tour.

Smiles… Just my perfect aspiration for the rest of the year.

Lanre Awolokun, Medical Detailing Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

I don’t know if this is my greatest aspiration, because I have had greater aspirations before, which I had to let go of because they were simply too impractical and involved aspects over which I had no control. This is the first practical, well-thought, definitive and informed aspiration of my life. And I’m going to pursue this goal till I have achieved significant success in it.

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