Just for Laughs: 4 ways Nigerians change things

Just for Laughs: 4 ways Nigerians change things

Mfonobong Akpan

I came across something really hilarious but very us -by ‘us’ I mean Nigerian. I’m quite sure many have experienced this kind of conversation or even engage people yourselves. Nigerians are so spiritual that everything has some spiritual connotation. We can so turn things upside down. This is just something to lighten up your day.

Read on…

1. The other day, I asked a Nigerian mom – ‘Is this lift going down’, she said, “You are the one that will go down. Stupid child!”

2. You see an ATM queue and you ask a Nigerian – ‘Are you the last person?” Omo Nigerians will change it for you.”

3. You come back from work and mum called you: You say-

“Mum I’m tired, I wanna crash…”

Mum replies: “You will not crash in Jesus name”….lol

4. You say: Aww, you’re sick?

Reply: I’m not sick

The bike man who brings me to the bus stop every morning further confirmed it. I’m complaining about how the week has turned out…and he goes “that one na last month; this na new month, no talk bad thing”…I’m like “it’s the same freaking week!”…lol

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