Wedding Photography – Lights! Colour! Viola!

Wedding Photography – Lights! Colour! Viola!

Yvonne Williams

Creating breathtaking visuals and timeless memories from the most ordinary scenes is no doubt all shades of genius. The ability to create beauty from perhaps easily passable things through creativity and vision is what sets a great photographer apart from his contemporaries.

Today we meet an exceptional Portrait and Event photographer who delights in creating arresting visuals which transcends time, he is Laguda kolawole.


Happenings- Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Laguda kolawole, a Portrait and Event photographer at Fotoexpressionz, a leading photography outfit In Lagos, Nigeria.

Wedding Pix
Wedding Pix

I studied English Arts at the University of Lagos and Public Relations /Journalism at Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

My insatiable desire to communicate with pictures brought me into the photography world, but before venturing I worked in a bank and also in a Telecoms support company.

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I am proud to say that I’m married to an adorable Babe, Lucy, a physiotherapist, we are blessed with 3 amazing children.

Laguda kolawole’s wife and kids
Wedding Pix

Happenings – When did you venture into the photography business and what inspired you?

I started as an amateur 17yrs ago but became a pro, 11 years back. A senior friend in church, Mr kunle Alaba, was my instant inspiration. I admire his work and decided to take my passion further by registering for a professional training at ‘Corporates Studios’ in Surulere, Lagos State.

Happenings – Whose work has influenced you the most?

There are so many outstanding photographers whose work get me inspired daily. I will just mention but a few; Elo Photos, Best shots and  TY Bello, because of their dept in portraiture and understanding of lighting composition.  They create stunning images with the use of light, colour and composition.

Wedding pix
Wedding pix

Happenings – What kind of photography are you into?

I am more into portraiture event photography which is better known as ‘wedding photography.’

Happenings – Who are your clients?

Our clientele varies; aside individuals that have events like weddings, I also work for law firms, banks, schools, oil companies, and the likes.

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Happenings – What distinguishes you from your contemporaries?

It’s simple; I pay great attention to details, and ensure that my pictures speak for themselves.

Happenings – What inspires your shooting strategy/ style?

I always look out to photograph stunning images that speaks for the present and future, that is – creating beautiful memories.

Happenings- How do you interpret your idea into photographs?

Photography is about interpreted vision. In simple terms, I always yearn to bring my thoughts and imagination to reality. I imagine a particular image or event and capture that image in such a way that when it is visualized, people appreciate it; in terms colour, attitudes and expressions.

Happenings- Would you say in your opinion that the photography business has yielded the expected results in terms of finances?

Like I always say, Nigerians have not fully tapped into the wealth that the business of photography brings, although gradually we are getting there. With much determination and creative minds, one is bound to make a success out of the business. So I can say that photography has been able to pay my bills.

Traditional wedding pix

Happenings- Are you into photography full time?

YES, it’s a full time job, but I also engage in training students, young people. I do creative designs and branding for clients too.

Laguda kolawole (Photographer)
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