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Woman, what’s in your Bag?

Woman, what’s in your Bag?

Joy Bewaji

Patience Lawal is rocking a bag passed down from generations. Her leather skin bag is four decades old!

Let’s call it vintage fabulousity *grin*

“Old is the new New,” she laughs and proceeds to reveal all she’d need for the day.

Woman, what’s in your Bag?

“I do not know how all these “very important small but mighty items” will fit into the bag, but women have always had super powers especially with our bag content.

I have my mini touch up makeup collection, emphasis on my Almay Fuchsia shade lipstick (the kind you wear into a mastectomy theatre and it’s still there after hours of surgery)

I’ve got hand sanitizer and Dettol wipes.

I would probably have to drop the black castor oil due to space control.

My JLo designer perfume is certainly going into that bag (Mr. Bin style- even if I have to spray out half the quantity. Hehe)

My subterfuge Xylitol chewing gum container (the gum is finished, but I won’t tell you what’s in there).

I have got a lighter too. Err, let’s just say I love to cook *coughs*

The key holder is the closest I am to the faith I need to get my car back. I carry it in my bag as a symbol of my faith *wink*

Charger plus ear piece = physical health accessories.

The business cards are contacts for tomorrow’s appointment (official).

The pen is souvenir from Saro the Musical.

Pedicure set is that evil you always need on days when you forget it at home; so I always carry it around.

Oh yes, the coins, the coins! Fridays get boring somewhere between 3:15 and 5:17pm, I keep the coins on standby for days when my colleagues and I want to play truth or dare (rated 18).

So, after surrendering all, let’s see how my super powers can shrink all of these into this bag and run out before mum reminds me of how the bag is older than I am.”