#FolaAsks: Nigerians comment on insurgency and President Buhari’s performance

#FolaAsks: Nigerians comment on insurgency and President Buhari’s performance

Fola Akintomide

The Islamist terrorist sect, Boko Haram has been an active violent group since 2009 and in recent months has killed Nigerians, both Christians and Muslims hence Saying it’s giving us a cause for concern is an understatement because we are way! past that now. The new government promised us an end to insurgency, and It seems to have gotten worse in the last 5 weeks since the swearing in. Is the new president complacent? Is 5 weeks too short to see results? What do Nigerians feel about the insurgency and the present government. Today, Fola asks these questions, and Nigerians have this to say.

Desola Olusoji, 30, a Banker

“This is the time for us to mourn the failures of our leaders. We have not seen any development or improvement in the country since the new government took over. Most people are running away from the country because there is no hope for them.”

“They seem to be more confident in their quest as days go by and nothing has been done to curb their excesses. I am disappointed at Buhari and his approach to handling things. I believe that the colonial masters would have performed better that the crop of leaders we have had in this country”, he said.

Uzoamaka Nneji, 27, a receptionist

“We voted for this new government because we wanted change in terms of security and safety of lives and property. Now that they are in power, they seem to be failing us already.”

“It is sad to know that Boko Haram, which is fighting to establish a hard-line Islamic state in northeast Nigeria and has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group, has intensified its campaign of violence since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power on May 29. Numerous lives have been lost and it keeps getting worse”, she said.

Afolabi Adaranijo, 33, a Businessman

“To be honest I expected Insurgency in Nigeria to be on a declining trail since our amiable ‘Buhari’ took over, but it seems to me that his swearing in to power on May 29 triggered the recently killings in the northern states. No one is safe in this country, I pray that the good lord continue to direct and guide our leaders so that they can find a lasting solution to insurgency.” He said.

Gloria Anozie, 31, a boutique owner

“Another Independence Day celebration beckons, and we all have plans to rejoice and party. I do not think we have any reasons to celebrate anything as long as our enemies are at large.

“The experiences and tortures we’ve had since the inception of Boko Haram is enough for any leader to make the extinction of this sect his number one priority. For how long will our hopes to be a secured and prosperous nation continue to be dashed by Boko Haram. We need to support President Buhari with our prayers.”

Omolabi Oguntuyi, 27, a welder

The situation in the country is so sad that I don’t even listen to the news anymore because it got to a point that all I heard were attacks of Boko Haram.

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