Woman, what’s in your bag?

Woman, what’s in your bag?

Mfonobong Akpan

A woman’s bag tells quite a lot about her and Anuoluwapo Adebayo, a banker based in Lagos, couldn’t agree more. Today we take a look inside her bag to find out what interesting items she’s got in it and also find out the reasons why she has them.

“I’ve got just a few things in my bag because I’m a lover of small bags.”

“Okay, so in my bag I have my big comb, which I should have removed since I’m wearing a short hair do, but it’s still there anyway. I also have my rosary and prayer book because I’m a praying woman. My card holder, wallet and lipstick.

“I don’t have makeup in my bag because I don’t make up at work, the morning makeup I believe should last for the whole day.”

Now here’s a tip from Anu:
“I keep my bag neat and simple because I feel a lady’s bag speaks for the lady. I don’t have to come to your house to know if you are neat or not, I just have to take a look in your bag.”

Don’t you agree?

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