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#AskHappenings: My boyfriend cries a lot

#AskHappenings: My boyfriend cries a lot

Mfonobong Akpan

Dear Happenings,

I’m presently in a dilemma and need help to make the right decision. I met my boyfriend 6 months ago, and we’ve had a relatively good relationship since then. He’s caring, listens to me and we’ve never really had any major fight so far. The problem though is that my boyfriend is really emotional, he sometimes ends up crying and begging when we have misunderstandings, even when he needs to ‘man up’ and deal with some issues, he just goes all emotional. This is a big concern for me because I’m not that emotional by nature and I’m beginning to feel like I can’t handle it anymore. I fear for what he might do if I decide to leave. But I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that point. I love him and would love to explore all options of help before I make a decision. What do you think I can do?



Dear Precious,

We appreciate your writing in, and can quite understand what you’re facing. Love is important in a relationship but it’s not the only thing that can keep one going, there are many other factors. Since you claim, from your mail, that you have a beautiful relationship other than the fact that he is too emotional, you should consider talking to him about it; make him realise that you are not comfortable with his being emotional and how damaging it can be for your relationship. Maybe he has experienced some kind of hurt in the past and is just scared and needs reassurance and support from you to help him.  If after you’ve tried this, he still doesn’t show signs of changing, then you may just have to take a decision that would be beneficial to you both eventually. Keep in mind that love is not all that matters, you need more to keep a lasting relationship.

Good luck,


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