ChineduAsks: How technology will change Nigerians in the next 20 years?

ChineduAsks: How technology will change Nigerians in the next 20 years?


The Tech Plus 2days which took place on the 24th – 25th July at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. I was opportuned to attend the event and I have always been curious on how technology will change Nigeria in the next 20 years. In the bid to paint a clear picture in my mind-eye, I decided to find out from other participant how they think Technology will help Nigeria in a few years time.

Here is what they said:


What I think is that the new set of billionaires will come from the Tech industry. I mean, it is all about what you have in your head, emerging it with new Technology as it comes out and creating innovative solutions to solve central problems and other issues. So in the next 20 years, I expect that in the billionaire list of Nigeria we should have a lot of people from the Tech industry because that is the future.

You have an idea, and with Technology you can make it happen fast; not like when you have to buy equipments and all. Technology works with ideas and a lot of people have that; so in no distant time we’ll begin to see things happening.

Mr Seun

My view is just simple. Technology will continue to move on and on but the ability of Nigerians to tap into it is another thing entirely. You know Nigerians like to see the new things happening, play with them but not take advantage of them. So, in depth knowledge of technology and how to apply them to business is very crucial. Unfortunately, not many opportunities are available to enlighten the Nigerian youths that occupy the larger scheme of Nigeria’s work force.

So, we need to train the youths on how to apply the technology not just to play with the technology, otherwise, technology will be coming in, we play with it but can not use it for business. But I know technology will do good for Nigeria. We just have to move from embracing it to appreciating it.

Eze Prince

Technology will help Nigeria in all aspects, especially in movies. When I watch the American movies, I’m impressed with what they do with technology. The way they detect bombs before it goes off. Technology will improve us in a very big way and with what Nigeria is doing now I think 20 years is too long.


Technology has a lot of methods. You can use it for growth, for education, for online promotion. It all depends on what form you want to take. It is an incredible asset for economic and social growth of a nation.

Sunday Akinsete

In the next few years, I’m very sure technology is going to overtake everything in this part of the world; starting from online job creation, product promotion, innovation and general economic reforms. Especially in companies, take Jumia for instance; they are online and are making good impact in the society by making life easier for Nigerians. Generally, technology is the future and the way to go.


In the next 5 years, I think Technology will be the next best thing in Nigeria. I think it is going to be like the petroleum industry because then anybody can just think of an idea in their rooms and create thousands of jobs instead of doing capital intensive projects. Look at Uber, they employ thousands of Nigerians just with a single application or software. So, I think it’s going to play a very big role in the nearest future.


In the next 20 years, we are suppose to move from a consuming country to an innovative country, where we develop our own technology and explore the industry. But for that to happen, the government must create polices that will encourage it because if we have to wait 20 years, countries like China and USA would leave us behind.

Oreoluwa Peters

Technology will do well for Nigerian in terms of social media, the digital space is getting bigger by the day and more jobs are gotten online. It will also make life easy for everyone. You can see from the likes of Japan and the USA. With technology, I can just do anything from the tip of my fingers. I believe technology will go a long way in improving the lives of Nigerians.

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