Tolu Uwhubetine – Lighting up your inner glow

Tolu Uwhubetine – Lighting up your inner glow

Yvonne Williams

Playing up near perfect features to give the illusion of a perfect face can be pretty easy. Knowing what works for you can work magic but transferring that self acclaimed talent to someone else’s face, discerning which features to highlight or downplay can prove a little bit tricky to say the least.

Makeup artistry goes beyond general application; the ability to look beyond the surface focusing on an individual’s positives and being able to project different looks to suit different occasions is no doubt impressive. sat with makeup artist Tolu Uwhubetine and she dishes all about the makeup world and of course some makeup tips for the ladies as well.

Happenings: Tell us about your inspiration towards joining the makeup artistry business and how your journey began?

Tolu Uwhubetine – I used to be a model when I was a student at the Lagos State University doing runways and all but later I dropped modeling for makeup. So my professional journey started in 2009. I started out with dramatic makeup because I love it but later I decided to branch out into other aspects to get more clients.

My inspiration, the likes of Tara Fela-Durotoye inspired me (I trained under her). Seeing how they were able to bring out the beauty in ladies and how they are able to stand as independent women achieving a lot through makeup artistry really gave me some boosting.

Happenings: Who are your clients?

Tolu Uwhubetine – My clients are really diverse and I’m not restricted.  I work with a lot of brides, models interested in building their portfolios, so I do modeling shoots but I’m not confined by just fashion/ modeling, I cut across all aspects.

Happenings: Have you ever dealt with a difficult client, tell us about it?

Tolu Uwhubetine – Oh that’s constant in the business. At one point I met with a bride who stays in a one room apartment and so you can imagine, while I was doing her makeup the whole family was gathered and complained about virtually everything I did! The bride got confused and we had to look for a comfortable environment, so we ended up at her neighbours place to finish up the makeup. Long story short, when we came back they complained about the makeup being too loud. But it didn’t stop there, her mum wanted hers done too (which was outside the contract). In the end I did it but later on her neighbor who was impressed with my peaceful countenance and how I was able to handle things handed me 60,000 cash and I was glad I didn’t flare up.

Happenings: What the most important makeup tool a woman needs?

Tolu Uwhubetine – For me it’s the powder brush. It’s the most hygienic and hand on thing (very easy and hands on to use). Powder brushes are ladies go to makeup  tool and the fact that there are easy to maintain just does it for me. I recommend non synthetic brushes are better to use as they absorb better in terms of powdery substance.  To clean, you can easily spray with isopropyl which contains 99% alcohol and use tissue to dab.

Happenings: What do you think are the common mistakes people make and how can we avoid them?

Tolu Uwhubetine – The common one is foundation application; you find out that most ladies do not use the right colour for their skin tone, so they end up with white faces, while others don’t merge their foundation well with their skin and end up looking funny. Another common mistake is the eyebrow definition; most ladies have a hard time defining their eyebrows and end up using the wrong technique. Ladies, under no circumstance should you shave your eyebrow off completely! Avoid drawing your eyebrows in a way where they touch each other and that misconception that fair ladies can pull off wine eyebrows is a huge blunder.

Happenings: What’s the worst makeup trend ever?

Tolu Uwhubetine – The dark lips! I think it’s too dramatic and unnecessary. It’s a runway look and doesn’t fit most ladies. You would definitely not catch me wearing that look.

Happenings: Beauty advice to women generally?

Tolu Uwhubetine – The importance of women looking and feeling good cannot be overemphasized. As women you need to pay attention to your overall body, take care of your skin and if you’re born with good skin, ensure you maintain it. Take time out to set up a beauty regime; do cleansers, moisturize regularly and invest in quality makeup products. I recommend – House of Tara products, Mary Kay (for foundation) and Mac lipsticks.

Happening: Do you think makeup can make every woman beautiful?

Tolu Uwhubetine – Yeah to an extent, I’d rather say it enhances what already exists. It brightens and builds confidence. A person’s inner thoughts project what we see on the outside. If she feels good she exudes confidence which automatically projects the woman as irresistible and therefore beautiful.

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