ChineduAsks: Is Nigerian music evolving or losing content?

ChineduAsks: Is Nigerian music evolving or losing content?


The music industry has done extremely well in the past decade gaining both local and international recognition and acceptance. However, there has been a big question mark on the quality of its content. Many will argue that Nigerian music artistes are lazy and don’t do enough work to improve their music lyrically. While others will say the Nigerian music has evolved and it’s in a new phase.

What do you think?

I asked for the opinion of the audience at Taruwa event yesterday, July 28th 2015, in Ikoyi and here is what they said:


Our Nigerian songs are definitely losing content and not evolving. I think the only thing evolving is the quality of our music videos and productions. However, there are a few songs that have good content; songs like ‘Wish me well’ by Timi Dakolo; ‘If I fall’ by Praiz, ‘Secret’ by Faze and so on. But these songs with good content don’t always make it to the main stream.


All they do these days is to brag about what they don’t have in their songs and the videos don’t help matters at all because you see a lot of semi-nude ladies in it; as such I do feel our Nigerian songs has lost it in terms of content.


The thing about this music industry that I’ve noticed is that we (the society) drive the artist. They are releasing junks now because we asked for it. You can imagine when they are singing about how they want to fuck a girl, about her ass and all that; and we’ll all be dancing to it. The funny thing is that the girls who are supposed to be offended are the once that jam these songs the most. Basically, we are losing content. What we have now are just noise for the clubs, no real music anymore.


If it’s content based on beats; then Yes. In terms of video, yes; but based on lyrics? No! Our main stream songs don’t give hope to our moral culture today.

Michael Agu

There is no content in our songs these days off cause. What do you expect from an industry filled with weed smokers who say whatever they want and sell it to us as songs. What they do, however, is to help our clubs because their beats are usually danceable and loud. Other than that, nothing else.


I think our music industry is growing. At least, you can’t compare what we have now and what we have then. We are now recognized internationally. Look at Wizkid, Davido, Patoranking and the rest. So, I’ll say yes; the music industry is evolving.


Not really. I mean, there are some guys that are well grounded musicians in Nigeria like 2face, Dare Art Alade, Asa, Sound sultan and the likes but I don’t get what people like Olamide, Wizkid and Kcee are doing honestly. Even Praiz. He used to have quality content when he started but it seems he is losing at now.

What do you think? Are we really evolving musical or our songs just lack quality contents.

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