#AskHappenings: I cheated on my girlfriend and now she hates me

#AskHappenings: I cheated on my girlfriend and now she hates me

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Dear Happenings,

I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years. We have planned on getting married. A month ago I cheated on her while completely wasted at a party with some random lady. I don’t even remember how nor what happened. It’s really crazy. I felt guilty a long time because I love my girlfriend and we would usually not keep things from each other. I summoned the courage to come clean with her, I told her everything that happened and she got so mad and hasn’t spoken to me in about a week. I’ve sent called and sent her gifts and people to beg on my behalf but she says she needs time. She hates me right now. She demanded I get tested for std’s. Which I have done. I know I did her wrong but it was a mistake and I love her and want ‘US’ back. How can I earn her trust again? I’m scared of losing her.



Dear Charles,

Yes, if you could take it back you would, but what is done is done. You broke her trust in you and hurt her terribly, her reaction is naturally expected. It’s a good thing you came clean with your girlfriend. You both have shared a lot of time together and she is at a point where she thinks she knew the man you are, but now she is questioning that.

Gaining her trust again is something you have to earn, you would need to prove and convince her that you are worth the trouble. She will punish you for it for awhile, but you have to be strong and stick with her thru that, and always remember that she is only acting the way she is towards you because she is hurting inside.

She needs time to heal and it’s actually entirely up to her to go back with you. If she has asked for time give her time to heal but don’t be too far away from her. You need to be patient. Let her come to her own conclusions about what she wants to do. If she wants nothing to do with you ever, you cant change that, but if she ends up giving you another chance, wonderful!

This is a lesson for you. Telling her the truth was a good move.

 Good luck,


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