Everyone has their greatest fear, wondering what Fat Joe’s is? Find out!

Yvonne Williams

Even as adults, we all have our secret phobias from fear of pain to enclosures and all, there are chances we’ve got one or more and of course, celebrities are no different.

Today, we celebrate iconic rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena aka Fat Joe who is known for his hit track – “Lean Back”. And as he  turns 45, we bring you a few facts about the star you probably didn’t know:

  • The meaning of the name Joe: God Will Increase
  • Big time superstar Fat Joe has fear of flying
  • After losing seven friends last year to heart attacks – all in their 30’s, and six of whom were overweight — Joseph Antonio Cartagena lost over 100 pounds.  – When asked if he had reached his goal, Cartegena said: “I’m not even nowhere near.  I’m gonna go from the guy you know as Fat Joe for 16 years to a whole different, transformed person.”
  • Fat Joe loves eating pork, lobster, fish and  vegetables
  • He is about 6′ 2″ tall, and before switching to a healthier lifestyle weighed more than 350 lbs.“

Fat Joe before fame: Check out young Fat Joe backstage Interview at Howard University’s Homecoming!


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