#NigeriansSpeak: Secondary School – Rebel or Teacher’s sweetheart, which were you?

#NigeriansSpeak: Secondary School – Rebel or Teacher’s sweetheart, which were you?

Yvonne Williams

Secondary school days were fun for some and a nightmare to a few others, depending on the side of the fence we found ourselves, our experiences differ. While many might boast of a clean record – being teacher’s dream student and all – there are a few others who were no doubt, rebels.

Happenings.com.ng attended the premier of FilmOne’s latest movie production ‘Lunch Time Heroes’ – a movie which portrayed rebellious teenagers and their climb towards redemption on Sunday August 23, at the Leisure Mall, Surulere, so we took time out to ask some guests to go down memory lane and tell us whether they were rebels or teachers’ sweetheart, check out their responses:


Secondary school days were fun, but not all the time. Nobody liked to go to school on Mondays, Fridays were the best part of the days in school.

Oh, I was good all the way but I knew how to track the bad ones, yeah because they were my friends. I was the class perfect from name it; kindergarten, primary secondary, I don’t know really why, but the students always voted me into that position- (teacher’s sweetheart).


I don’t remember that was years ago! I actually don’t remember, do you know I finished university way back in 2007 so I literally don’t remember what I was like at that particular time. You know I don’t know what I did throughout the university, but I drank throughout (definitely a rebel)

Ijeoma Ekinodo

My secondary school was fun. It was initially terrifying because I was in boarding so I was home sick a lot, but apart from that, the experience was fantastic.  I was a good student all the way, teachers loved me. (Teachers’ sweetheart all the way).


It was exciting. There was not much to do, the population in class was not much it was a private school. I would say I was actually a very good student – I was quiet, I kept to myself. I was more of a lovable person; the teachers loved me, everybody, so I was just a cool person. (Teachers’ pet).

Adelamo Adebola

Secondary school? Earlier on I actually went to a state school because I wanted to. My parents didn’t want that, but by the time I was going to my senior level I had to change to a private school, because they saw that It wasn’t working out well ( I came home with a lot of trouble), so I had to became gentle later on.

I was definitely a rebel in secondary school.


Secondary school was Interesting and full of drama.  We used to get to a lot of things in secondary school. We used to get up to cooking and I liked Home Economics a lot.

I liked the ladies a lot but I was actually still a good guy ( Definitely concur – Teachers’ pet!)


My secondary school experience wasn’t all that because I actually went to a boarding school.

I can’t really say I was a teacher’s pet or a rebel, let’s just say in between.


I was mostly a rebel – like not going for assembly, prep and I kept long nails.

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