Birthday Shout! 10 songs that made Michael Jackson great

Birthday Shout! 10 songs that made Michael Jackson great


I found making this list incredibly difficult for a number of reasons. It would have honestly been easier for me to just rank every Michael Jackson song than to just pick 10 songs to represent his entire recording career. So, I tried my best. Here are some of the basic guidelines I followed on this list…

  • I tried to include every album I had listened to (barring Invisible, since I’ve only heard one song off of it) just so that the list would cover the majority of MJ’s iconic recordings.
  • I tried to get as much variety into the list as possible, since MJ was well-known for including various genres (I didn’t manage to squeeze in everything, but at least the ones that mattered).
  • I tried not to play favourites with the albums and tried to include at least two songs from the Top-5 album entries, as well as one from Off the Wall and Blood on the Dance Floor. However, in the end, Dangerous really warranted only one entry, so I did end up favouring my favourite MJ album to some extent on this list.

So, to honour his birthday today, 29th August, 2015, here are my top MJ’s songs that made him:

10. Blood on the Dance Floor

9. Rock With You

8. Dirty Diana

7. Scream (with Janet Jackson)

6. Thriller

5. Earth Song

4. Beat It

3. Bad

2. Black Or White

1. Smooth Criminal

What do you think of my list?

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