Ladies: 5 Times you look your prettiest

Ladies: 5 Times you look your prettiest

Mfonobong Akpan

Are there times when you think you look better than other times? The beauty of a woman goes beyond a pretty face, nice clothes and make up, it also has to do with your attitude and mood. So here are a few of the occasions when you look your prettiest:

When you’re smiling

Sure you agree…A smile can reshape your entire face, it lights up your face and brings a spark to your eyes. Make it a habit to smile all the time, it would make you prettier and more approachable.

When you are feeling confident

When you feel confident about your outfit or your life in general, you’re going to walk a little straighter and smile a little wider. You’ll keep your head up and shoulders back without even realising it and we all know how important good posture is when it comes to beauty.

When you aren’t worrying about your looks

Have you had anyone ever tell you, you look even prettier when you just got out of bed; looking bland – hair all over the place, no make up? Well they might just be right. When you don’t worry so much about your looks you most times look your best. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mind the way you look, it just means you should appreciate and accept yourself even more.

Talking about something/ someone you love

You know how excited you get when you are talking about something or someone you are passionate about, your eyes glow and your face would look brighter.

After a good night’s sleep

It’s true what they say about beauty sleep. When you get enough sleep you wake up looking and feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, no eye bags, happy, better attitude and of course prettier!

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