#ChineduAsks: Who is your Nigerian celebrity crush?


Do you have a celebrity crush? It could be that hot actor from an AMAA winning film or that singer whose album just went viral. I asked guests at the premiere of “One Fine Day” movie at Silverbird galleria who their celebrity crush is and this is what they had to say:


Rita Dominic. I’m not sure: either Rita made me fall in love with the movies, or I fell in love with Rita and the movies followed. In either case, all I know is that I have a huge crush on that girl.


I love Jim Iyke. His bad boy attitude fascinates me to death.


I don’t have any Nollywood crush. I’m indifferent – nobody come to mind at the moment.

Alex (Right)

Sorry, I don’t have a crush anymore. She left me and got married last weekend (Sad); but I still love Tonto anyway. She is my crush.


I like Ramsy Noah. Apart from his fine face/ Nollywood play boy title, I think he is one of the few actors that holds his own – He seems nice and reserved without so much drama. Plus, he is a great actor.


My Nollywood crush is RMD. It has been him from day one and will always be him – for obvious reasons. Nobody can take his place for me.

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