Ladies: 9 signs your bra is a wrong fit

Ladies: 9 signs your bra is a wrong fit

Mfonobong Akpan

You all must have experienced at one time buying a bra that seems to fit but on trying it on at home you find out it doesn’t fit, it’s either too small or too big. You feel really frustrated about your many trips to the market and constant disappointed. Even if a bra may “feel right,” it may not be giving you proper support or enhancing your assets. Here are a few things to look out for to know that bra isn’t right for you.

Are my cups wrinkling or gaping?

In this case, your cups are probably too large. You should either go down a cup size or, especially if only one cup is loose, add padding to help them out.

You have dents on your shoulders

It’s not about how heavy your boobs are. Your bra’s band isn’t giving you the support it should, so your straps are taking the slack and digging into your shoulders. Try a smaller band size.

Your straps keep falling down

If your straps keep slipping even after you adjust them, they aren’t being supportive it means the bra is too big and you should try going down a band size.

You have spillover over the top, sides, or bottom of the cups

If you have the dreaded Quadruple Boob, it’s time to go up a cup size.

You wear your bra on the last hook

You should feel most comfortable on the middle hook. That way, when your bra stretches over time, you can tighten it. If it’s already too loose, go down a band size.

Your band rides up in the back

When you stand to the side and look in the mirror, is your band even? Your band should fit firmly and horizontally across your back. If it’s riding up in the back, it’s too big.

You have back bulge

Despite the popular nickname, it’s not back fat — it’s literally just your bra being too tight and squeezing your skin. Your band is probably too small.

The center of your bra is lifted off your chest

The middle piece between the cups should sit flat on your rib cage. If there’s any space, your cup size is too small. Try going up a size. You should be able to lift your arms over your head without the underwire rising up.

The underwire in your bra pokes you

Don’t think all underwire is uncomfortable. Go up a cup size to keep it from digging into your skin.


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