Changing the world through dolls! South African doll maker teaches young girls self love

Changing the world through dolls! South African doll maker teaches young girls self love

Yvonne Williams

With the amount of pressure on individuals by society to look a certain way, a need has arisen to teach our kids self love indeed!

And this calling South African entrepreneur, Maite Makgoba, has decided to heed as she created a South African doll named Mompy Mpoppy. With this unique doll that dons on African fabrics, she hopes to change the worlds of little girls everywhere, and how they view themselves.

ELLE South Africa sat with the doll maker to talk about why she created the dolls, the inspiration behind the doll’s African attire and more.

Read excerpts below:

On why she created the South African doll
I found myself looking at the toys in stores and simply felt nothing represented the little African princesses that live in our homes. Nothing out there was celebrating their magic and beauty, so I thought the Momppy Mpoppy brand would do just that.

What’s up with the name ‘Mompy Mpoppy’?
Momppy Mpoppy is that little girl that believes in her own unique magic, she sparkles in the beauty of being different and does that in her Seshweshwe or Tsonga tutu, because she is an African princess and the world loves watching her paint Africa pink.

On what inspired the doll’s African clothes
We call the style, Afro Princess funk. We use traditional African materials with the added princess flair of tutus and fairytale dress cuts. But, because we are also young, a current and trendy edge is also essential like using leathers, washed denim, graffiti prints, colour and spikes.

On what impact she hopes the doll will have on kids
I hope that they see their own beauty in Momppy; to see that there is nothing wrong with the colour and shade of their skin or the coily kink of the curls in their hair. So too, not to believe only a few black people are exotic or beautiful, but that beauty is diverse. I hope these dolls will encourage tolerance and acceptance.


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