#SpiceyAsks: Who do you make up for?

#SpiceyAsks: Who do you make up for?

Mfonobong Akpan

Women wear make up for different reasons. While some do it on the daily, some others are occasional users. For whom they get all dolled up for is debatable because for some ladies they just do it to look good for themselves and others for the male folk. We decided to seek the opinion of a few people on this topic. We got responses from ladies on the reasons why and for whom they make up for, while the guys expressed their preference between ladies with and without make  up. Below are the very personal responses we got:

“It’s a thing of the mind; it’s for you to decide. Personally, I make up for myself” – Fadesayo Olateru Olagbeji

“I make up for both guys and myself just to look good, but I don’t do much make up” – Sophia

“I do love ladies with make up on, not always though. Of course if you’re going for an event you use make up. I don’t just like ladies with heavy make up” – Femi

“I make up for myself, just to look good” Aisha

“It depends on the person actually but I personally make up for myself” – Grace

“Ladies without make up seem more natural to me. I love them without it” – Jude

“Yeah, I like ladies with make up but prefer it not being too much. You don’t want to walk around looking like a masquerade” – Micheal

What’s your opinion on this? Who’s the make up thing about?

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