Taraji, Gina & Emma shine on Glamour’s October 2015 cover

Taraji, Gina & Emma shine on Glamour’s October 2015 cover

Mfonobong Akpan

Three of the hottest ladies on television, Emma Roberts, Taraji P. Henson and Gina Rodriguez shine brightly on the October 2015 cover of Glamour magazine.

Sporting a Dior dress and earrings, Ms. Roberts, who will be starring in “Scream Queens,” explained how she got interested in showbiz- “My mom and I would stay with my Aunt Julia when I was really young, so I grew up on sets. I just found this old Polaroid of me on the set of Erin Brockovich, in one of my Aunt Julia’s super-padded dresses from the movie, with the biggest smile on my face. I’d cry when I had to leave. I loved that it felt like camp.”

Meanwhile, Gina gushed over how her show “Jane the Virgin” has been a game-changer for the Latino community- “People say this is a Latino show. But this is just a show that happens to have people with ancestors who come from other countries. None of us wants to be defined anymore. We’re human, dude. I feel like I was meant to do something—and nothing about me, genetically, is gonna stop me from doing that. Jane feels the same way.”

And “Empire” babe Henson insists Tinseltown has made a fair amount of racial progress- “I think we are making strides in Hollywood. It’s the world that I’m more concerned about…. My son grew up in a pretty much all-white situation and went to the best of schools. I saw the change when he got older and started to get that life is different for him [as a black male]. He came home crying, like, ‘Why do white people hate us? Why can’t we fix this?’ This can be fixed. I’m gonna try my best to make change.”

source: celebrity-gossip.net

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