See why comedian, “Sherikoko” thinks Nigerian girls are hard to impress

See why comedian, “Sherikoko” thinks Nigerian girls are hard to impress

Yvonne Williams

Laughter they say is the “best medicine” and on Saturday September 12, saw this in action at the “Hangout with Elsieisy” (an event which focused on sex, relationship, feminism and marriage) as upcoming comedian Babs Sheriff aka Sherikoko was on ground to keep the event bubbly and lively.

Sherikoko a graduate of Tourism from National Open University who ventured into the comedy world professionally six years ago sat for a quick chat with Happenings, this is how it went:

-How do you manage a serious crowd?

When I see people being serious, that’s where I derive joy – I see it as a challenge, because I don’t want to see people sad. If I’m cracking a joke and you’re not laughing and you’re still serious like “tomorrow no dey” then that means that your problem is quite bigger than my joke. But I love crowd and the more I see a crowd, the more I get inspired.

Years back when I first started it could bother me, but I’ve tried to overcome it. Most times when I see a serious crowd, I try as much as possible to involve them in what I am saying.

How do you draw a line between insults and jokes?

Some people take jokes as insults really, though some comedians out of trying to crack jokes, make people laugh and making a name for themselves, curse people instead of making them laugh; how will  I want to crack a joke and now say  -“you dey craze, you dey mad”,  that’s a curse. So abuse is different from making jokes.

Whether in church or in a social gathering, wherever you are, mind the way you talk to people. If I want to crack a joke about what someone is putting on, I could go to someone wearing an original thing and call it fake (but everyone would know it’s original and everyone knows I’m just joking) and at the end I could say – “I celebrate you… looking good,” just in case it’s actually not original.

Tell us about your most difficult performance?

My most difficult performance, was when I just started you know, my two legs were shaking during my first performance on stage, when I was still doing comedy as an hobby.

You know people will tell you’re funny, but by the time you see yourself on stage, all what you’ve crammed disappears. But I have gone beyond cramming jokes now, I can just come to a gathering and look around to check what 1 can use to crack jokes. So, I crack jokes depending on where I find myself.

Presently, anytime I come on stage and the crowd seems difficult, I find a way to scale through and relate with them.

Do you think Nigerian girls are romantic?

Nigerians girls… hmm partially they are but compared to western girls who can be impressed by any little thing, it’s a little hard;  I can present just present a normal flower and say – “baby this is for you”, and they say “Wow!” excited, but present it to a Nigerian girl, “them go collect am for your hand, use am wipe you.”Basically,  Nigerian girls are hard to impress, but when you succeed in impressing them, they would be romantic.

Best advice to those in relationships?

The only thing I tell people is this – don’t start what you cannot finish – don’t tell that girl what you’re not  because at the end of the end, she would find out.

Secondly, don’t fall in love with your heart, fall in love with your mind, because if that heart break, no superglue to gum am. So it’s better for you to fall in love with your mind.

When the said party wants to break your heart, you carry it along with your mind. Don’t give a 100 percent of your heart, because that heart fit break and like I said no superglue to gum am. You know if they break your heart, you cannot think, but fall in love with your mind, so your heart is protected.

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