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Birthday Shout! Asa, Malik Yoba

Yvonne Williams

We celebrate top celebrities this day September 17


Birthday Shout! Asa, Malik Yoba

Nigerian French singer, songwriter, and recording artist Bukola Elemide better known by her stage name Asa is one of Africa’s biggest music stars indeed.

In 2004 the music icon met her manager and friend, Janet, who introduced her to star producer Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo and this was the beginning of fame for her.

Asa became a singing sensation right from the release of her first single titled, “Eyé Adaba,” and “Jailer,”. Aṣa soon signed to Naïve Records, releasing her first album, “Aṣa” and with its release, Asa won the prestigious French Constantin Award in 2008, where she was voted best fresh talent of 10 singers or groups by a jury of 19 music-industry specialists in Paris.

Asa’s albums include: Aṣa (Asha) – 2007, Live in Paris (2009), Beautiful Imperfection (2010), Bed of Stone (2014)

She is noted for winning “Prix Constantin” award  (2008) and (2011) French Music Awards Victoires de la Musique nomination for ‘Female Artist of the Year’

She is the only female child in the family with three brothers.

The 33 years old was born September 17, 1982.

Malik Yoba

Birthday Shout! Asa, Malik Yoba

Best known for starring in the series, New York Undercover as J.C. Williams, a NYPD detective, and for his role as Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings. He began playing Vernon Turner on the FOX series Empire in 2015.

He is also known for playing the role of Agent Bill Harken in the drama series, Alphas.

He appeared as Gavin in the 2007 Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married? and its 2010 sequel Why Did I Get Married Too?

He is divorced from Trisha Mann and they have three children.

The 47 year old was born September 17, 1967.