Pregnancy hormones or just intentional irritation

Pregnancy hormones or just intentional irritation

Iyene Etim

She was perspiring like no man’s business in the commercial vehicle; her bulge very evident and filling whatever tiny space was left in front of her. She stretched past the other passenger by the window seat to push the already opened window for the umpteenth time. They had reached their very limited limits. She hissed like she was offended, she was restless. She cursed at the driver at every pot hole he entered, every over speeding and under speeding he made and the ones she imagined too. Only when she alighted did the bus register some relative peace apart from noise of traffic and the driver heaved, “Whether na me give you belle?!”

Pregnant women can get away with murder. I mean that literarily as every action is quickly blamed on raging hormones. Are pregnant women truly held at gun point by these hormones or they are looking for ways to excuse their excesses?

Estrogen and Progesterone are the two kings of hormones especially in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, the multipurpose busy Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and later by the placenta to make the uterus grow, step up blood circulation to and maintain the uterus lining where baby is tucked safely, at the same time developing those tiny organs. Let’s say this General gets things started, every other hormone going and is also responsible for the milk factory.

The other, which is a pro a “pro-gestational” hormone, is a workaholic too. Progesterone keeps the placenta functioning properly and the uterine lining healthy and thick, and it stimulates the growth of breast tissue. It also cracks down on pre-pregnancy’s natural contractions of the smooth muscle of the uterus, allowing your baby to grow in your expanding (and expanding, and expanding…) womb

These are useful hormones, aren’t they? So why do pregnant women make them look so bad? That’s because while these hormones work miracles to make the baby more comfortable, it takes its toil on the mother. It’s a life making process remember so the mother shares her heart with the baby who will take some time to make its own and that off course demands huge alterations.

The respiratory rate increases to accommodate more maternal oxygen and this can lead to gasping for air and alkalosis which induces light-headedness and confusion.

Constipation, increased reflux and heartburn becomes recurrent as the baby grows, the uterus rises and out of the pelvic cavity. It displaces the intestine, the stomach and other organs. It stresses the bladder too and makes the kidney work overtime

Other effects of the hormones include larger and throbbing breasts, abdomen, skin colour and body temperature changes. Did I mention a constant increase in body weight?

No wonder they are so pissed, No?

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