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10 fun things you can actually achieve in Lagos traffic

10 fun things you can actually achieve in Lagos traffic

Iyene Etim

You can be in traffic for 1 hour only to get to the front and discover it is a garden egg that is causing the hold-up. Undermine it at your own peril. I would have said you should read books but when you get bored,resist sleep, you could inherit a headache. Here, some fun things you can do while in traffic.

Learn Chinese
Relax; it takes just three months to learn the basics of any language. Chinese is a jaw breaker but so is the traffic, the desperation to get home will give you the added boost and you can practice by yelling at other drivers with your new language.

There are some places in Lagos that have specific amount of “hold-up” period, master it. When you get to the spot, time yourself, kill the ignition or if you are in a public bus, mark the bus details, take leisure walk around the place until there is movement, then run like hell to the vehicle.

Watch a Series
On your computer and other devices, it kills time. You are exhausted when you get home any ways, so combine all the stress all at once so you can sleep well without feeling bad you do not get the chance to do fun stuff anymore.

Cook a pot of soup
You can buy just about anything you want in traffic. Occupy yourself with some chores. Okay you can’t actually cook on the road? You won’t try it? Just buy everything you need, shopping is always fun.

Eat dinner
I know, I know, but most times when you get home, you are already too exhausted, so why don’t you try this strategy and burn it up so you don’t add weight.

Do your Manicure and Pedicure
You don’t know how? You would be amazed at the solution you can proffer to problems in that extra 3 hours. Just trick your mind to believe you are still at work. Draw, paint, write, anything stupid and creative could be born.

Everybody has one way or another. Crying is a release and you will feel really good afterwards so indulge. Just burst into tears and if you are in company, tell no one the reason no matter what.

Try and learn all the words to a Song
This is perhaps the only time you can learn the words and arrangement of “Hallelujah chorus”, Eminem’s complete album, what Nigerian artistes are actually saying, etc. Do it.

Clean Out Your Purse or Car
Telling you to wash it would be going over the board but off course you can take a garbage bag in the car with you and next time you are stuck, go through your bag and throw out all those old receipts, useless business cards, food wraps, papers, trash! Look under the passenger seat and gather up your prized collection of water bottles and other dirts.

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