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6 Character traits men crave for in women

6 Character traits men crave for in women

Mfonobong Akpan

Most men these days don’t just want a pretty face to show around like a trophy but a woman who can stand her own and compliment him. You often ask yourself –  What do men want? Well, here’s your answer. Here are five traits we’ve picked out that men absolutely crave in a woman.

1. Confidence

Men love women who are comfortable in their own skin. A woman who can stand her ground, is opinionated and articulate. A woman who has her own views and not just nods in agreement to everything her man says.

 2. Intelligence

The contemporary upwardly mobile man appreciates a woman with brains. Even when you don’t necessarily start up the conversation, you make an endearing discuss partner. It’s a huge turn on. Most men are past appreciating just looks, they want a smart woman on their arm.

3. Adventurous

For any sane individual, going round in circles could be a bore and might very likely eventually knock you out. It’s the same with relationships… men want a woman who is fun wild and interesting; One who can bring some spice into the relationship, ergo, the yearn for an adventurous creative  woman, a woman who can think outside the box. It’s what keeps things fresh and interesting.

4. Naughty

Men love sex and crazy ones at that. Similar to the fun trait mentioned above, men want to settle down with someone who will do naughty things with them inside of the bedroom and  even in public.  Men also love women taking charge, occasionally initiating romance – your man will love your dominance. Don’t be fooled by their …”I want a good Christian girl”, yeah, but not in his room… you got to keep it hot and spicy and not just lay there letting him do all the work.. you get my drift?

5. Independent

As much as a man wants to be a gentleman and pick up your bills… he sure needs you to be to able take care of yourself, don’t make them do everything. Pick up your bills sometimes, open your own door, stand up for yourself and basically  “be your own man”. A man needs someone who is capable of living life without him, but chooses to live life with him.

6. Blunt

Ladies, men don’t come with mystic powers that enable him know exactly what’s on your mind. Be fair enough to let him know exactly what’s bothering you, or what he’s done to offend you or get you in one of those moods, so he can fix it the way he best can. This is way better than the silent, cold shoulder treatment. It makes life much easier and your relationship happier, don’t you think…

Guys feel free to share those character traits that just do it for you in your woman.